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Edinburgh Marathan Festival 10k

At Diet Now, we care about health and wellbeing, not just for our customers and dieters but within our team as well.

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival took place on 26th-27th May 2018 and Team Diet Now were there to run the 10k!

Team Diet Now Complete EMF 10K Run

With thousands of participants taking part in events (10k, marathon and even junior events!) over the weekend, it was a great opportunity to train up and challenge ourselves.

Not everyone in the team were experienced runners and that’s what makes these events great – they’re inclusive and supportive of any skill level!  Even better, you can burn around 600 calories (or more!) by running a 10k.

Team Diet Now smashed their 10k, with one member reaching the finishing line in an amazing 53 minutes and raised money for some great charities including Cancer Research and Bloodwise.

So, what are our tips if you’re planning to sign up for a running event?

Running Event Training on Treadmill

1. Train! Train! Train!
It might seem obvious, but training for any kind of sport event is essential. You might think a 5k or 10k doesn’t seem far but any amount of running requires strength and stamina to complete.It’s important to vary your training so your muscles don’t get used to the same routine and continue to get stronger.  Don’t just stick to the gym treadmill. Go out and enjoy the fresh air! One great thing about running is getting to explore new areas around your town or city.

Running with Wireless Headphones

2. Sweet music
Wireless headphones will be your saviour! You’ll find the time goes by faster when you’ve got your favourite songs playing. A great track can help keep you going and give you the boost of energy to run up that oncoming hill. Before you know it, you’ll be two albums down and the race will be over.

Running Shoes

3. These Shoes Were Made For Running
Don’t underestimate the power (and comfort) of a good pair of running shoes. They might seem a little pricey but think of them as an investment, not just in a pair of shoes but in your overall health and fitness. Look for a light, flexible pair with good cushion.

Refuel After Run with Protein Shake

4. Shake It
We recommend having an extra shake 30 minutes before and/or after your run to keep you energised. Running will use up a lot of your energy so it’s important to refuel – this helps with muscle growth too!

Post-Run Stretch

5. And, streeeeetch
You’ve reached the end of your run but the workout isn’t over! A cool down can be the most important part of your routine. As well as stretching before you begin, stretching after will help prevent injuries as well as regulating your breathing after a workout. Take the time to relax after working hard.

15 Jun 2018 By Laura Imrie