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Are you considering following a VLCD? 🤔

You may remember watching The Big Crash Diet Experiment on BBC at the beginning of summer. In case you didn’t, the show focused on the rise of Very Low-Calorie Diets and investigated whether these are in fact a healthy way to lose weight. This research was supported by weight-loss industry experts as well as a team of doctors.

The research carried out turned out to be extremely conclusive in terms of VLCD effectiveness, with everyone who took part in the study losing over 10% of their weight. The show also dismissed a number of rumours surrounding VLCDs including impacts on metabolism and side effects of quick weight loss. It has since been highlighted in this recent study that VLCDs should be recommended by the NHS as a treatment for obesity.

Our aim is to provide Diet Now customers with high quality, highly nutritious, low fat VLCD meal replacement products which assist our customers on their weight loss journey.

Enjoy our shakes, soups and meals all ready in seconds plus our tasty protein bars to fill you up. All of our meals are enriched with vitamins and minerals and contain a balance of protein and fibre to keep you nourished as you lose weight. These are easy to prepare and perfect for on-the-go consumption.

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